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My counseling style is warm, relaxed and I like to provide a comfortable and non-judgmental environment. I believe everyone deserves a chance to feel better and it is my honor to assist you in doing so.

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I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in the state of New York. I have a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University-Los Angeles. Previously, I had a 30 year career in the Film & Television industry. When I was younger, my passions were, the Film business and Psychology. I always said to myself, the day I become disinterested in the Film business, I want to go to graduate school, get my degree in psychology and become a psychotherapist. That day came and here I am. I have been practicing since 2009.

My counseling style is warm, relaxed and I like to provide a comfortable and non-judgmental environment. I work with clients with a broad range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, family issues, communication issues, career dilemmas and anger issues among others. I believe everyone deserves a chance to feel better. I am fascinated with everyone’s story who comes through my virtual door and it is my honor to collaborate with them. I use multiple theoretical orientations and I use them as clients needs warrant. Some of them include, Motivational Interviewing, Emotional Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy among others.

Creative Community

My previous career was in the film industry where I worked with all aspects of the industry from low-budget feature films to Emmy award winning television. I also service the Creative Community. I understand the industry’s underlying architecture and how it affects the people working in it, and to obtain critical coping skills to survive in an industry which sometimes thrives on negative impulses even during its good times.

Randall Warner - Creative Community

Testimonials from the Creative Community

When it comes to fixin’ broken hearts and minds, Randy is like, you know, Da MAN!
Randall Warner has been very instrumental in helping me with the promotion of my photographic work. His knowledge has helped me so much with my book on New York City bridges.
Randy always brought a smile to my face when I knew he was involved in a project because I knew it would be successful.
I had the pleasure of working with Randy Warner when I was a publicist in the television industry. Randy made my job so much easier because he is a calm force in a crazy industry. The entertainment industry can harden the best of us, and it is difficult to find people that you can trust. Randy was always helpful, honest kind and hard working, and his guidance and dedication to the actors, producers and publicists was great.
Randy has been a great pleasure to work with.
Randy was always helpful especially when I didn’t have a lot of prep time and needed last-minute help. He was always supportive and encouraging in the early days of my career.
Randy was intuitive and insightful as an executive and producer. He’s always been a passionate advocate.
Randy was a delight to work with
I’ve worked with Randy in several different capacities. As a writing partner, as my personal manager and as a production partner. His attention to detail is impeccable and his follow-through is right on the money. I attribute much of my current success to working with Randy Warner. And on a personal level I found myself going to Randy many times. He’s a great listener and a very wise individual and was a great asset to me in my personal life as well.
Whatever the network was looking for, Randy worked hard to provide it, and with a smile. Working with him was a pleasure.
I’ve known Randy Warner for over 20 years. In the typical way of the entertainment industry our paths have crossed from time to time and each time they’ve crossed I’ve been happily reminded that he’s one of the good ones. It’s so logical to me that Randy has pursued working in the Psychology arena. He’s a trustworthy and empathetic person, not to mention a fun guy. I know that his clients will all benefit greatly from his counsel.
While working as a publicist on “The West Wing,” I found that Randy Warner was always a calm presence in the eye of the storm. He was a pleasure to work with and, in an industry populated with many volatile personalities, Randy was the opposite of that and a breath of fresh air.
Randy is a pleasure to work with. He brings a calm demeanor to high pressure situations and is quick to remove obstacles and provide solutions.
Randall is a quality and thoughtful person. I very much enjoyed working with him.
Working with Randy Warner during my years writing for NBC’s “Third Watch” was a true pleasure. He was a positive and encouraging force, who consistently made those around him better by sheer kindness and spirit.
Randy is insightful, sensitive, and his generosity of spirit came through in all our interactions – something rare in Hollywood. He is special.
I’ve known Randy Warner for more than two decades. His understanding of loyalty and his dedication to his work are paramount to him.
Randy Warner was instrumental in starting my career. From the beginning he recognized my strengths and weaknesses and worked diligently to find work that best suited my abilities. He is intuitive and resourceful, mindful and present. And his support and generosity unlocked my potential.
Thanks for all your great, hard work on The West Wing. You’re one of a kind.