Randall Warner, M.A., L.M.F.T.

Randall Warner


Couples Therapy - Randall Warner Psychotherapy


On a lot of therapists websites you will see them mention “Communication” as being a big factor between couples. They’re not wrong. The avenues taken can be many. When couples come to therapy often they are experiencing some of the following: communication, financial, trust, family, blended family, inter-racial, inter-faith, respect and intimacy among others.

The problem often is that couples do not address their difficulties and allow those difficulties to fester and grow into larger problems. These larger problems can be disruptive and block growth for the couple to see through their problems.

In couples therapy, as the therapist, I place myself in a neutral position and mediate. The therapist has the opportunity to see each individual’s perspective and how the couple see themselves.

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